Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pre-Easter Celebrations Part 1

Saturday we took the kids to an Easter egg hunt/brunch. I was focused on the brunch part Lily was focused on the Easter egg hunt part.

Lily was prepared in her bunny ears. Of all the things that she and I will argue about in the future there is no way I'm going to choose the bunny ears battle now. And who cares? She's four and she's proud to wear bunny ears. (she is holding Jamie's duck Easter basket because he kept putting it on his head and quacking)

While Brian and I attempted to eat the brunch the kids were under the table going through my purse. Time to pet the little bunnies kids! Crawl on out....

Ummmm can you guys look up? Lily, Jamison, look at mama!

Good Jamie! Lily! Look up!

UGH. JAMIE! Look at me!

At. Me.
I give up. Thank you for not trying to eat the bunny Jamie.

A little excited about the cupcake?

VERY excited about the cupcake. (Brian cut it in half and put the frosting in the middle so that it would create less mess. Good in theory.)

Like I said, it was good in theory. It was only slightly less messy.

And then the Easter egg hunt began. Up north, all normal egg hunts are done indoors. It would have been torture to do it outside - it was 40* and drizzle-y.

Please excuse his pants problem. They are size 18 months and still won't stay up on him without a safety pin. Somewhere, way down our family lines, there is a tall, thin person. Whoever that is, that is who Jamison takes after. It certainly isn't the Meeks/Dooley side.

This is his third egg so he knows exactly what is hidden inside.

I was tempted to brew myself a cup of coffee while he ate all the jellybeans. And I think he knew what I was thinking.


This is very serious business.

Please do not disturb. Any type of interruption will be ignored: Jellybeans being consumed.

I am trying to teach her the balance between having a picture-smile and baring her teeth at the camera. We're working on it.

Alright Jamison. You know what time it is. We are going to all look at the camera - at the same time! - and take a picture!

Jamison's expression clearly shows how he feels deep in his heart. This girls are always in my way, but what's a guy to do?

And this was as good as we got. There were about five other shots and this was honestly the best. I know, it's sad. Jamison looks desperate for another jellybean-filled plastic egg and Lily looks incredibly enthused about who knows what. "what? a picture? so unexpected!"

Part 2 - tomorrow - "The Aftermath."

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