Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Love You Airport!

I don't know how long it's been since Jamison has loved planes but he definitely has only verbalized it in the last 8 months...which is kinda when he really started talking so who knows how long his love for airplanes was kept deep down inside, unexpressed?

Since my father flies airplanes we think Jamison equated airplanes with his Pop. As a result he continually calls airplanes "Pops." We correct him every chance we get and occasionally we get him to force the word "airplane" out of his lips but he is very reluctant to say that. A few weeks ago he uttered "airpop" and we thought we were getting closer...but no. He's back to calling them "Pops."

One afternoon we met my father at the hangar at Albany airport so that Jamie could get his dose of fuselages.

You would think that an interior of an airplane would not be the place to let Jamison play. So many buttons and switches.

But he only spent about 10 minutes in the airplane. His focus was on incoming and outgoing aircraft. Lily, on the other hand, realized that when she put the headset on she was suddenly a superstar. She could hear herself sing, talk, and be a pilot.

She moved over into the pilots seat and we were going to fly to New York but because of storms she flew me to Disney World then mid flight we had to stop in Texas because I was done - she kept yelling into the headset and I was going deaf.
Jamison preferred to just stand around admiring the plane while Pop cleaned the hangar a little bit.

And then we head on the radio that some flights were coming in while two other flights were waiting to take off. Show time!

A Southwest flight just landed and he was helping the tower find where it was. The tower frequently asks Jamison for helping finding flights. He can spot an airplane anywhere. You might think I'm exaggerating but I'm not. He should work for the CIA he has such an odd ability to find airplanes on the ground or mid-air. It's very eerie.

Then dad pulled out some chairs and Pop and Jamie decided to sit and watch the planes. If I had photoshop I would draw a little arrow to the airplane that was landing on the runway.

For a long time now Jamison has been telling all of us he loves us. It's incredibly sweet and makes me melt. He'll go around the room telling everyone individually that he loves them.
But two weeks ago we were driving by the airport (our office is literally perpendicular to one of the runways) and he said "I love you airport" and suddenly I realized my competition for his love was the Albany International Airport. Otherwise known as ALB in airport code.
Again, I would draw another arrow to the United flight taking off below. You can barely see it in this picture.
We know from experience that if we go between 4-5pm we are more likely to see more airplanes than any other time of day. Unless it's between 6-7am...and I'm not about to be that crazy. We're already crazy enough that my son's favorite play spot is an airport hangar. As we drove away he bid the airport adieu and proclaimed his love - "I love you airport!"


CapAFD said...

Most parents anticipate, with some dread, the inevitable cry of "Dad, Mom may I borrow the car?" I think you may need to prepare for "Grampa, may I borrow the plane?" :-)

Kristen said...

That picture of Jaime on dad's shoulders should be framed. It is great!

Erin said...

Carter can spot airplanes in the sky from long distances away too. He will also wake up the morning saying "airplane" as an airplane passes over our house. Maybe its a boy thing...

24crayons said...

Kristen has a great point, that pic needs to be framed! Actually you have a few really great pics in there.

I love that Lily loves the sound of her own voice! Did you enjoy your stop in Texas? :P

Elyssa loves planes, but she likes public transportation in general, so it doesn't surprise me. What does surprise me is that she is related to me at all. I HATE public transportation. I'd rather road trip it than be confined with a bunch of strangers with germs.

Anonymous said...

How sweet is are those pictures of David and Jamison? He finally got him a boy! David also has his maternal Granfathers hairline! ( or lack of! )

Anonymous said...

Sorry , forgot to sign my name.....Aunt Kathy