Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pre-Easter Celebrations Part 2 - The Aftermath

After we returned home from the egg hunt the kids were almost done with their sugar high. It was 30 minutes before Jamison's naptime so I sat him on my lap to calm down. After 20 minutes he said that he just went poo-poo so I told him we'd wait until it was closer to naptime and then I'd change him.

Bad Idea.

The sugar must have wrecked havoc on his system - he "leaked" all over himself and me. So gross. Such a mess. So we went upstairs to change him (and me). I told him I was going to go put the clothes in the wash and then I'd put him down for a nap.

When I came up from the basement I heard Lily scream: "EMERGENCY!" I ran to see this at the bottom of the stairs:

And this at the top of the stairs. He thought it was an amazing game - throw mama's shoes down the stairs and hear the clunk as they crash onto the floor and into the walls.

It took him 10 minutes to bring all the shoes back up (there was no way I was going to clean up that mess) and then he finally got his nap.

After naptime we dyed our Easter eggs. Jamie wasn't sure what he was about to do but he was very excited about it. That was very short-lived. He dyed eggs for 4 minutes - tops.

Waiting for the dye tablets to dissolve in the vinegar.

Intense concentration for the brief time he was interested.

Lily was more into all the color combinations, writing her name on her eggs, and trying to marble them. I thought I'd try that new technique and see what the eggs would look like. I wasn't impressed but it was a tiny scientific experiment so it was fun to watch.

And then Jamie decided to see what the dye tasted like. We had already warned both of them that it would taste gross because of the vinegar (you would think the smell would be
repulsive enough) and Lily was telling him, as we was dipping his fingers in, "Jamie, you don't want to do that."

He didn't exactly react like I thought he would. I'm a fan of vinegar myself, granted it's the balsamic or malt variety, so maybe he inherited some of my tastes.

And since he wasn't put off by the taste or the smell Brian had to intervene and take the dye away.

Lily and I kept dying the rest of the eggs and once they dried we added some stickers. The eggs didn't turn out so pretty but that wasn't what it was all about anyway. And lucky for us, Lily and I love hard boiled eggs so we are all stocked on snacks for the next few days.

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