Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I don't usually enjoy embarrassing my husband. Occasionally, yes. Usually, no. But I did put bunny ears and a bunny nose on my car and he did drive it around. I also do the reindeer antlers and Rudolph nose at Christmas time but somehow that is not as humiliating for him.

The kids think the decorations are hysterical and that's all that matters.

Easter baskets from the bunny and Easter bags from Nana and Poppa.

Jamison was sleeping in so we let Lily look at her basket before him. She was very excited about the stupid Tinkerbell movie. She has been bothering me forever about the movie and I've kinda ignored her. But then the Easter bunny just gave in and got it for her.
In Peter Pan Tinkerbell is not a very nice fairy. She's always trying to kill Wendy. But apparently she had a change of heart in this film and is now lovable.

She has also become a fan of Madeline so the Easter bunny brought her another Madeline book.

Thanks Nana and Poppa for the bunny potato heads! They were a hit!

Since we leave for church at 9am, we finally had to wake Jamison up at 8:45. It killed me to wake him up but we needed to take pictures and head to Bible class. So that explains his red cheeks and dazed look.

The Easter bunny brought him new Thomas and Lady trains. Previously he had the Thomas and Lady trains that are battery operated and they were ruined in the basement flood. I waited this long to replace them to make sure his love for Thomas and Lady was true.

Jamie pronounces "candy" as "CAHNDY." And he says that a lot now.
And the next gift from Nana and Poppa was THE BEST. These things are hysterical and I suggest that anyone - with or without children - go and find these and make your friends (or children) use them. You will laugh for hours.
I'd like to describe them as duck whistles in the shape of a duck beak but they are not exactly a whistle since they quack. I guess they would be accurate as duck whistles because Lily and Jamison sounded like they were calling to the ducks and inviting them back up north for the spring. They're hard to explain which is why you must go get these yourself and then you'll understand it.
(note: I hadn't done Lily's hair at this point so it looks a mess)

My one and only "finished" picture since we were running late.

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